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With a wide range of IT expertise, and a commitment to providing our clients with an unparalleled customer experience, AleCo’s managed services programs provide cost-effective, client-tailored solutions for networking, software, storage, disaster recovery, cloud technologies, and more. More than just a mission statement, our strategic intent is to provide expert technical and customer service, and establish long-term, trusted relationships with our clients. Our information technology consulting and managed services offerings target the needs of businesses ready for technology-enabled business transformation.

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Our Commitment 

Any IT Outsourcing service, when not performed efficiently and with perfect expertise, will not succeed. It is true that IT outsourcing for your business' needs may seem like your "ideal solution", but that is true for any company who wants to control their IT infrastructure. However, for the IT consultants that see services from a client's point of view, IT outsourcing is  a true blessing.

In response to the article, 10 problems with outsourcing IT (Wallen, 2014), there are 10 highlighted reasons listed of why businesses should not choose IT outsourcing; AleCo knew these issues existed in today's technological world, and we have designed our services in a way that offers mindful technology outsourcing.

Cost of IT Support Services

AleCo has an unique approach to the costs of services that are unique in our industry; we call them “real costs” because the expenses are predictable and easily planned due to customized IT services that are set at specific hourly or monthly rates, depending on your agreement. You will never receive a bill that you were not expecting.

The Time Factor in IT Outsourcing

Clients are dependent on our timeliness and care. AleCo proves that your problem is important to them by promising a maximum wait of two hours for response to your IT issues.

Familiarity with Your Network and Systems

Not only does AleCo have IT specialists that will quickly understand the complex nature of larger businesses' networks, but we also strive to work with our clients to understand their current systems, the impact of the business' choices and we offer the most cost-effective and realistic recommendations possible. Our IT technicians are certified in many industry specific systems.

IT Outsourcing and Employee Relationships

We rely on local customers to believe in our name and trust our services. Although our certified IT consultants are wonderful with online advertising and social media, word-of-mouth is our most important marketing tool; we offer the best IT services, and truly understand each client's needs. Businesses are not one-size-fits-all, yet AleCo consultants are trained to offer IT expertise in business solutions that match each client individually.


We are proud to be a trusted company, that has a sole purpose of assisting your business in being as successful as it can be. AleCo understands that our role is a large one, and we do not take that lightly. When you succeed, we succeed.

Loss of work

Loss of work can cost a business thousands, even during a small window of time. Whether your employees rely on payroll to be completed by a certain day, or a large part of your business' operations rely on customer emails, we do not take it lightly. With our maximum wait being 2 hours at most, we can automatically reassure you of one of the largest worries most clients have when relying on any IT outsourcing service.


Yes, we do have priorities, and they are simply to serve each and every customer within our promised timeline. Our timeline is adventurous but is also realistic, due to the many certified IT specialists that are assigned to relevant projects. Although all of our team members are trained to understand the ins-and-outs of your business, we take pride in the various areas of expertise that our consultants cover.


AleCo is not in business to take business; in fact, we have clients that already have an IT department, allowing us to offer cost-effective solutions to these types of clients. As we specialize in all areas of Information Technology, and most IT departments do not, AleCo is available to be there to work with your team.

IT Continuity

AleCo is large enough to possess complete expertise in all of your IT needs, yet personal enough to ensure that we remember your setup, your expectations and the IT solutions we have put into place. We will never miss a beat in proving that we utilize our client's time to be as efficient as it can possibly be—whether it was outsourced or not!

Control of Your IT Outsourcing Company

True. You cannot control an outside company, however  with AleCo, it is our job to offer you stress-free solutions that you can fully trust. We began our company because we realized what businesses truly need, and we offer all of the solutions that you require with confidence.